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About Amaroo

Our Philosophy

We believe that when people experience a beautiful and supportive space, they feel safe enough to breath – and supported enough to have the courage to explore and grow. Amaroo is a space for people to have authentic connections with horses, nature, themselves, and others. We invite people an opportunity to be present and curious. We draw on evidence-based research to connect with the wisdom of horses, and the power of experience and exploration, to create meaningful change. At Amaroo, we only interact with horses in a mutually respectful and invitational manner. We value a deep attunement to the horse experience, as well as the human experience. Everything we do is about relationship.

About The Place

Amaroo Equine is situated on 105 acres in the Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains NSW, Australia. The Megalong Valley is profoundly important to Aboriginal people and rich in heritage. Megalong is thought to have meant ‘Valley Under the Rock’ and Amaroo meaning ‘a beautiful place’. We acknowledge and pay our respects to the Gundungurra, Darug, and Wiradjuri people whose land we live and work.

Amaroo is a twenty-minute drive from Blackheath through spectacular rainforest and country roads.  Our property is surrounded by extraordinary Australian bushland, majestic sandstone escarpments & mountain plateaus.  Amaroo boasts a large fully fenced sand arena, round yard, a barn with workshop area & kitchen facilities, bush tracks, natural springs & large dam to explore & experience – rich with native wildlife. There is a cosy little studio for parents and carers, to relax, have a cuppa and take in the view of the land and the mountain escarpment while they wait. We welcome you, to Amaroo!

Amaroo’s Horses

Horses have the ability to evoke strong feelings and deep learning when facilitated by qualified and experienced practitioners. The way of the horse role models to us, a way of being that is healthy, authentic, and non-judgemental. As sentient beings (able to perceive and feel things), horses can partner with us and share wisdom around our own ‘way of being’. This can help us develop our capability and skills in connection, awareness, regulation, compassion, and more!

At Amaroo, we only interact with horses in a mutually respectful and invitational manner. We see each horse for who they are, for all that they are communicating to us, and how we in turn respond and communicate with them. We accept them, listen to them, care for them and respect them. This creates a deeply attuned relationship. We value every member of our herd and everything they bring to world. We love and adore each of them! 🧡


Sadalbar LilMiss Reiner

By Tamkaura Promise Of Glory out of Gallymont Cee Cee Bloom 

DOB: 21st September 2011 

LilMiss LOVES carrots. In fact, LilMiss loves anything edible (she once ate a sausage sandwich complete with onions and BBQ sauce). She is a solid chestnut paint bred mare who is about 15hh. LilMiss was born in Denison VIC, bred by Khris and Brett Hands and is a fully trained Reining horse. LilMiss was the first horse purchase by Bel and Steve not long after they created Amaroo in July 2017. 


DOB: 2006 

Kit LOVES hugs. He is a Dun coloured quarter horse, check out his dorsal stripe! Kit is approx. 14hh and was born in Orange NSW, bred by David Thomas. Kit joined the Amaroo family on 21st September 2020. We don’t currently know much about Kits previous life, but we do know that he loves being a part of our equine co-facilitation team and particularly loves meeting new people and welcoming them to Amaroo. 


Dinki Di Knock Out

By Noble TKO out of Dinki Di Pleasure 

DOB: 10th September 2002 

Big Nev or Neville, as he is also known, is a chestnut quarter horse who was born in Goulburn NSW, bred by the Dinki Di stud and named after his owner, Neville. Big Nev’s dad, Noble TKO was a national halter champion. Nev joined the team in 2018. 


Bordershow Turkish Delight

By Kingfisher Park Duke out of Snowdon Vale Sweet Peach 

DOB: 30th November 2015 

Fun Fact…George hates being clean. If there is a mud puddle, you can bet George will find it, and roll in it. George is a 11.2hh grey Welsh Pony Section A who was born in Tenterfield NSW and came from the Bordershow Pony Stud owned by Amanda Woods. George came to live at Amaroo in June 2020. 


DOB: 2017  

Winnie loves to play in her paddock with her best mate Tigger. Winnie was born in 2017. She is a silver bay coloured appaloosa miniature horse. Winnie loves to learn new things; she is currently learning how to pull a cart. Winnie is approximately 34 inches tall and came to us from Morayfield in QLD on 3rd August 2021 after being rescued from a sale pen in Qld. 


Hello Black Pearl

By Hello Big Chex out of Sheza Stylish Chick 

DOB: 13th October 2016 

Pearl is a paint bred mare who stands at about 14.1hh. She LOVES to use her sense of smell. Pearl was born in Woodstock, NSW bred by Rod and Gail Shaw at Shaw’s Performance Horses. Pearl is Bel’s riding horse, and they compete together in Reining and Ranch shows. Pearl recently competed in the Gold Buckle Futurity (2021) at Tamworth. Bel purchased Pearl on her 3rd birthday, 13th October 2019. 


Wentworth Willows Taggart

By Shanusti Furys Firecracker out of Clanline Sunline 

DOB: October 2009. 

Tigger loves trail walks with his paddock buddy Winnie. He is a bay miniature pony who came to Amaroo from Little Harley NSW on the 21st of January 2022. He was bred by Rosemary & David Nettleton. Tigger or Taggart as he is also known won countless awards at Royal, State and National shows. A couple of his major achievements are 2014 Australian Champion Miniature Pony of the Year & 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show Reserve Champion Miniature Pony Stallion. 

Teddy Bear

Orana Quest

By Cuttabars Go For Gold out of Craigborough 

DOB: 14th October 1997 

Ted or Teddy bear as he is affectionately known is about 16.3hh. He is a palomino quarter horse. He loves to smile for treats and loves carrots and liquorice. Ted came to live at Amaroo on 17th February 2021 after his owner, Bel’s friend Sascha, moved to Canada. Sasha had a very special bond with Ted and taught him many tricks…when Teddy starts smiling at you, you know he is asking for a treat! 

Maxi Mouse

Orana Quest

DOB: approx. 2006 

Maxi Mouse absolutely loves to pull her cart and can jog along all day long. Maxi Mouse is a 16hh Clydesdale x Percheron. She has called Amaroo her home since 15th May 2022. Maxi Mouse came to us from Jo and Red McConnel. Red’s dad owned Mouse and lived in the Northern Territory. He would drive Mouse to town in her cart to get his bread, milk, and the newspaper. Maxi Mouse truly is a gentle giant who loves practicing her outbreaths with clients. 

Mini Mouse

Mouse or Mini Mouse as she is known, is a bay varnish appaloosa mare. She’s a lovely lady who came to live at Amaroo without us knowing much about her. We think Mouse was born around 2002. She came here with Roxy and they had been living on a large property near Mt Lambie for several years. Mouse has been a member of the Amaroo crew since 2021. 


Raylee Park Pistol Bell

DOB: 26th October 2002. 

Roxy is a red varnish appaloosa mare. She was a paddock mate to Mouse when they lived together at Mt Lambie. We don’t know a lot about Roxy but she has enjoyed joining the Amaroo herd since 2021 and made a quick friendship with Big Nev.  


Wayouts Double Jive

By QT Dunupdouble out of Karalinga Kloe 

DOB: 4th September 2006

Smudge or Smudgy Boy as we call him, is a gentle soul and everybody’s friend. He loves trail rides and playing with the highlander cows. Smudge is approx. 15hh and is a paint bred gelding. Smudge adores being groomed and could stand still all day while being brushed. He came to live at Amaroo on the 7th May 2022 from the Heintz family. The Colour is Dun Tobiano

Amaroo’s People

Belinda Muiser – Owner
Counsellor | Equine Assisted Practitioner 

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live the life that they want to live. I am passionate about providing this and linking people to opportunities that enhance their life. This is why I created Amaroo. My husband, Steve and I set out to create a place with a   caring environment, supportive people, and connection to nature. We live on the Amaroo property with our children, our dogs, our cats, our horses, our chickens – and so much native wildlife! (Wombats, kookaburras, kangaroos, galahs and many more). The place is important, but the benefit Amaroo provides to people is the vision and the hope that lives in my heart.


With a professional background in Federal Policing and then a move into community liaison work as an Ability Linker, it became clear to me that helping people to access support services, showing people that they are valuable, and encouraging people to be active in community and life was deeply important. And it became part of my own personal mission. I have an associate degree in policing, and various training, certificates and a diploma in mental health, education, and counselling. I am a certified equine assisted learning practitioner with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI).


One of my heart’s biggest loves, is horses. They have always been a part of my life and the lessons, guidance, and love that I have shared and gained from them is simply and profoundly, magic. My hope for the world is that this magic is something that everyone can access to be truly seen, heard, felt, and gotten – so everyone can move towards living the life that they genuinely want to live.

My heart beats a moment faster… I see the red of the rising sun over the land within my care.

I saddle up and rest my breath, in time with Pearl.

She was bred for this.

I was bred for this.

We rein together in the time that I give to her,

And in the time that she gives to me.

In this moment, we circle in the arena…

We fly leading change,

slide, spin, pause…

And it’s us.


We feel the strength of the jaggered mountain edges overlooking 

the ancient Australian land of my ancestors.

I have always been here.

With my people.

With my horse.

With this land.

In the valley under the rock… a beautiful place.

I welcome you,

 …to Amaroo.


Owner, Amaroo Equine

Kristy Southers – Partner
Counsellor | Coach | Equine Assisted Practitioner 

I believe that the most important contributions to wellbeing are awareness, connection, and healthy expression. And I see horses model these contributions constantly. I partner with people and horses to help them develop these skills – but most of all, I aim to provide people with a ‘soft place to land’ in an experience with me and the herd, that allows people to be seen, heard, felt, and gotten. I believe that only from that experience, can we really start to build intrinsic strength and capability. Connection comes first.


I came to work at Amaroo in September 2021 and the place, the land, the horses, the people, and the work, left me feeling like I’d ‘come home’. I love being part of the Amaroo crew. I am a degree qualified coach and counsellor holding memberships with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA). I am a registered counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) and am currently completing the post graduate equine psychotherapy accreditation with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI).


I love my work and I adore animals, people, big sky’s, open paddocks, music, beautiful words, dance, and nature. My wish for the world is that connection and compassion become the foundation on which we all stand. 

I smile on the inside as I descend the morning mountain…

The kookaburra birds laugh amongst the trees waking the Aussie bush. 

Calling to each other. 

Calling to me…

Between the trunks of the tall white gums, golden sun brushes my face and touches the floor of the sweeping, tranquil Megalong Valley. 

Kangaroos bound across the plains, in harmony with the horses, the grazing cattle… the essence, and the spirit of this place. 

I slow down to take it all in. 

I watch a wombat waddle his way along the side of the road.

The valley air is clean… fresh… 

I draw it into my lungs

My heart pulls in the beauty of this land. 

I am here… 

We are here. 

This, is Amaroo.


Counsellor | Coach | Equine Assisted Practitioner, Amaroo Equine

Registration number: 28428