Our Services

Our Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions & Horse Wisdom Program’s are designed to meet the needs of our participants and can incorporate mentoring & beginner horse riding lessons with a focus on horse care and developing a sense of responsibility. EAL can benefit everyone, from NDIS participants, those experiencing anxiety, stress, grief and loss to those wanting to explore themselves and begin living the life they want to live.

Our session duration can be designed around your specific needs e.g. 1 hour, 2 hour, half day or full day sessions.

Individual & small group sessions are available.

Please contact us to discuss your goals and a program can be developed especially for you, with you.

What happens in an EAL session ?

In EAL, participants are offered safe (physically and emotionally) experiences with horses for the purpose of exploring self-experience in relationship, building self-awareness, building awareness of patterns or habits that are no longer serving us well, developing social and emotional skills, and addressing learning goals participants have identified.

Upon arrival you will need to read and sign the ‘agreement to participate form’ and the ‘participant intake form’ with your details. The intake form can be downloaded and completed prior to your arrival. If you are being driven here by a parent, support person or friend – they can wait in the car, our barn lounge (if it is free) or come back when your session is due to end.

You will be given a safety guideline before meeting the horses . We offer experiences with a horse, one on one, with several horses or the entire herd. We have specifically designed spaces including a round yard, fully fenced 65m x 35m sand arena, small yards and wide open spaces. A participant can expect to interact with the horses through unmounted experiences, grooming and other hands-on activities. Mounted and horsemanship sessions can be included upon request. The experimental approach means that the offering with the horse or herd will be facilitated in ways to support your awareness, growth and learning . Each session is holistic and in the present moment of what you are experiencing. We work with whatever you feel you would like to address .You don’t need to have any horse knowledge or experience.

Participants are then invited to explore and process their feelings, behaviours and response-patterns.

What does this look like ?

  • Observation of horses
  • Meeting with horses at liberty
  • Lead-line experiences including touching, grooming and leading
  • Liberty leading (leading horses without a lead rope)
  • Led-mounted / riding
  • Creative activities with horses and MORE !

Horse Wisdom Program

Our 7 session Horse Wisdom program was created by Meg Kirby in 2011 and is a structured program, utilising a psycho-educational approach in Equine Assisted Learning. Horses model and can remind or teach us about ourselves. The program is effective in providing a safe space to build socio-emotional skills for a variety of participants.

Session 1: Regulation (The Calm State)
Session 2: Awareness / Noticing
Session 3: Boundaries / Know your “Yes” and “No”
Session 4: Healthy Relationships
Session 5: Kind/Helpful Thoughts/Thinking and Talking
Session 6: Feelings as Natural
Session 7: Facing Life’s Challenges

Waiver and Agreement Forms

Please click on the button below to download our waiver and agreement forms. There are three forms to be completed (which are compacted into 1 file) and they are;


  1. Waiver to Participate in EAL or Horse Wisdom Sessions
  2. Agreement
  3. Client Profile